I’ve always been interested in the arts as a whole, but my journey into the design arena truly started with the purchase of a Mac. Knowing that there was so much more to learn about the art form, my love of design prompted me to enroll at my local community college and study a wide-array of art-related disciplines, and would eventually culminate in obtaining my Bachelors in Studio Art from Cal State University, Long Beach.

I am fascinated by design; whether it be through the innovation of creating something entirely new, or repurposing an old idea into something unexpected and fresh. I see design as a way to visually problem solve what words, formulas, and other methods simply cannot solve. Design and photography are a visual means of my communication.

My passion for photography is an extension of my love for design, and began when I was prompted to shoot footage on a 35MM camera. Whether I am asked to shoot on digital, large format, or even with my iPhone, I see the use of these different formats as a means to challenge and expand my own lens.

Design and photography are the perfect marriage between what I am able to create, and what I am able to capture. The majority of my works can be seen in my food photography, portraits, special event photos, and headshots throughout the city of Whittier, and I am excited to hear about all new and exciting opportunities regarding your design and photography projects!

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