Landscape photography

I enjoy the outdoors, hiking cycling and exploring. Sometimes I will take my camera or I'll find an interesting subject and return with my camera if something catches my eye. A lot of my landscape photos are from “my backyard”, the hills above Uptown Whittier; Hellman Trails, Sycamore Canyon and Turnbull Canyon. I have also photographed in Ensenada, Baja California from the wineries to the ocean. My photographing adventures will inevitably lead me to discovering new and interesting places.

Landscape is a more personal medium I choose to share compared to the commercial work that I do of product, food & event photography. I tend to think in terms of black & white remembering the 1st classes I took using 35 mm film. Some of these photographs have been exhibited at the Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts, Santa Fe Springs Artfest, and The W Art Exhibit.

I have been a resident of Whittier and my City has been a subject of my photographs for some time now. It gives me a unique vision and I try presenting it in a new and different perspective.

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