Design: Logo + Logotype

Your company logo is your identity, it should be instantly recognizable, and should set you apart from your competition.We work together to create your logo and identity system. Creating a logo or logotype for your business is a creative solution for problem solving. Choosing the best design, color and or typography says a lot about the image of your business you wish to project, Visually communicating your ideas and message to your audience is what will draw them into your business before they have met you.

Much like your logo your logotype should say just as much. It is your identity and should be recognizable. Choosing the perfect typeface or customizing one can make your business stand out as an original.

Logo & Logotype work includes:

The Sierra Group – A Public Relations Firm. We created something completely different from their previous logo to help them stand out amongst their peers.

Fabulous Vintages started as an online vintage designer handbag store, we created a logo and logotype inspired by the very designer brands that she carries and went from online to a brick and mortar boutique and salon.

Bewley, Lassleben & Miller, After more than a 100 years in business, they decided it was time for a logo refresh, we created a logo reminiscent of the halls of justice.

These are a few examples of logo & logotype creation. Whether starting a new business and looking to create a brand new logo for your concept or just revamping your existing logo for a refresh or expanding as your business grows, we can work together to bring your ideas to fruition.

I will collaborate with you and your business to create your vision, to make sure we communicate the right message. The visually appealing design will help you compete and stand out.

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